“Women working in cannabis have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build an industry from the ground up and a table big enough for anyone who wants a seat. We can’t do it alone but we can do it together.” – Kyra Reed

Women Wednesday 2018
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Women Employed in Cannabis an International association for Women Working in Cannabis,  Psychedelics, Hemp & CBD. We are advocates, sisters, cheerleaders and fighters working to ensure the industries are equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

We believe the key ingredients to success: Unity, Collaboration and Coopetition. We believe that by working together women can create a powerful community, impact policy and create solutions to the industry’s biggest issue.

In 2017, WEIC was founded by Kyra Reed, globally recognized as one of Top 50 Women Leaders in Cannabis Industry (2018-2020), as a Facebook community. Since its inception the community has grown to be the largest and most active community for women working in cannabis.

We are a groups that is diverse in every aspect. From background and experience level, to age range, sexual orientation and race. Our community of 14k+ women across the globe, is comprised of women industry leaders, seasoned veterans and newbies; from local farmers, to industrial cultivators and bud-tenders; from product makers and scientists, to medical researchers, doctors and nurses; from policy makers, compliance, testing and lawyers, to indigenous sacred generational caretakers of the plant. WEIC community is the most powerful women’s organization in cannabis to date.

The sole purpose of WEIC is to offer a wide range of support, services and products to help build businesses, advance careers and increase education and awareness for all women in the Cannabis Industry. It is THE place to share resources, expertise, provide knowledge and make life lasting connections. We use our power to create new opportunities for women around the world and protect the gains we have made as a community. Community benefits include the ability to find other women for networking, mentoring and hiring, through career and industry education and creating a safe environment where women feel they can be themselves and ask for help they need to succeed in their careers.


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