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Community Center

Welcome To The WEIC Communities!

About our Communities

Women Empowered in Cannabis is a community of women working in cannabis, from all parts of the supply chain and ancillary businesses around the world. We gather on multiple social channels, at in-person meet ups, summits, cannabis conferences and the site where you are now. 

We get together to share our ideas, ask for help and provide support for our sisters working in the cannabis, hemp, CBD and psychedelic industries.  WEIC welcome’s women of all backgrounds, experience levels, ages, races and abilities to join us. Together we share a common goal to bring cannabis into the mainstream and bring down the stigma against our beloved plant.

We are legacy OG’s, newbies, growers, manufacturers, attorneys, bud tenders, investors, CEOs, marketers, founders, nurses, teachers, and everything in between.

The women of WEIC believe that together we can create an industry that is just, diverse, and inclusive. We have each other’s backs and share our wealth among us through hiring and investing.

Women Empowered in Cannabis was created in response to the lack of support women have experienced in most industries. Rather than fight over one seat at the table we are committed to building one big enough for all of us to have a seat and a voice. Together we have power and the strength to change the world.

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