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Ladies: 5 Reasons to Consider Transitioning to Work in Cannabis

March 29, 2019, by The Bluntness

Learn 5 exciting opportunities for taking professional women to translate their skills into the booming cannabis world.

Written by Kyra Reed, CEO, Kadin Academy

In cannabis, we’re doing things differently.

Women in the industry have recognized for several years that we are in a unique position to create this industry right alongside the men, instead of trying to break into an established infrastructure. For women in cannabis, it’s an opportunity to redefine HOW we do business and WHO we do business with.

There are so many exciting opportunities for the taking. Now is the time for professional women to translate their (amazing) skills into the booming cannabis world.

Here’s why:

1. Support ecosystem.

Women’s groups have sprung up in most established industries, providing opportunities for women to connect, expand their network and further their education. They are often founded as a reaction to a male dominated structure that has left women with little support system professionally.

These groups are vital to the success of many women in industry and offer the only outlet for many to truly connect with peers, share stories and gain industry insights. But they can also be fraught with the same competitiveness found in the workplace, the proverbial emotional knife fight for the one seat at the table.

We are building a table, together, big enough for all of us. Organizations like Women Entrepreneurs in CannabisKadin AcademyEllementaToketivity, Industry Power Women, Supernova Women (and so many more) are providing women with resources, education and support system they need to navigate the industry successfully.

2. Your skills in a new industry.

I’ve heard from many women in finance, healthcare and other traditional industries that they are bored. Few industries allow for innovation or an opportunity for women to make a meaningful contribution. This leads to frustration, anxiety and lack of passion for one’s work.

When women think of making the move to cannabis they tend to imagine it is limited to growing, manufacturing and retail and quickly let it go, seeing no place for their talents and skills.

But cannabis actually encompasses a vast number of other industries: travel, healthcare, legal, finance, accounting, transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, marketing, and more. For cannabis to find its legs as a legitimate industry we need professionals with expertise in all of the above.

The industry is being built daily. 33 of the 50 states now have a legal program, and more added each year. There is an endless need for true professionalism if we’re going to build a long lasting and profitable industry. If you are looking to change up your career or step into a new skill set, there is a place for you in cannabis.

Cannabis is in its infancy and is in desperate need of bright, loud, brilliant women, from a variety of backgrounds, to help build the standards, laws, regulations and overall infrastructure. The more women we have contributing to our industry the faster we’ll gain credibility and cannabis acceptance nationwide.

3. Big fish, small pond.

While the industry is growing at breakneck speed, it’s still just a small number of people and companies making an impact. There is room for more rock stars of industry. Regardless of your background and expertise you have a chance to pioneer in cannabis.

A few examples: Researchers, only 1-2% of the compounds in cannabis have been documented. Lawyers, very little cannabis case law exists for the industry. Accountants, we need better tax codes for cannabis. Health Care practitioners, formulate cannabis protocols and patient care standards. And that is just a sample of what needs to be done. Artists, mechanics, teachers, tech specialists – there are so many ways to contribute to cannabis and make a name for yourself.

Whatever you’re great at, bring it to cannabis!

4. Be part of a worldwide women’s movement.

Cannabis is booming world wide with several countries already adopting medical and adult use programs. As they develop their industry, many countries are looking to the US for inspiration and leadership.

Women from the Philippines, France, Columbia, Ghana, and Canada have reached out to tell me they’re watching the growth of our women’s movement with awe. They want guidance on how to create the same where they are. This is really exciting because it means we can create a worldwide movement that supports women all over the world to succeed.

5. Women celebrate and support women.

We are starting companies that are staffed by women, buy and sell to women owned companies and freely provide support, resources and mentoring to one another because we are inextricably linked – when one fails or succeeds it impacts us all. We also welcome women from all industries to join us, bring their talents about help us move the cannabis into the mainstream.

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