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Women Employed in Cannabis  (WEIC) is the largest and most active association for Women working in Cannabis, both on and offline. Our success is due in part to the tremendous partnerships with companies and organizations that recognize the importance of creating a space for women to thrive in cannabis.

The support of our Partners enables us to offer more opportunities for women to network, find work, and get educated, including the women in their companies. We are committed to ensuring that the cannabis industry is diverse and inclusive. Together, with our Partners and Collaborators, we believe we can achieve milestones of female representation and success that don’t exist in other industries.



In addition to the goodwill inherent in supporting the community, the benefits of partnering with WEIC include thought leadership, expanded brand reach and awareness, hiring and insider connections. Our goal is to create WIN WIN relationships where our partners thrive along with the community.

Whether it’s learning new skills, finding business relationships, speaking engagements, mentoring opportunities or building new avenues for career development, WEIC is the woman focused cannabis business/community that supports your brand, executives and employees.