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 WOC is a Women Empowered in Cannabis Community for women of color to share their experiences working in cannabis, hemp, CBD and Psychedelic Studies.

We offer a Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, Facebook Lives, Mailing List, and Clubhouse events along with our Platform Group.


Share their experiences, stories and success in cannabis


Provide support and create sisterhood


Create community with women of color around the world


Locate resources, information and educational tools

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Support for our community comes from our great Partners, who sponsor the community, videos, newsletters and Events.

For more information check out the Partners area or email us at [email protected]

Meet the Leadership

Mskindness B. Ramirez, MA.Ed
•Professional Educator 
• Author 

Executive Director, Club Kindness
EBK Apothecary

With both the given name and a calling, Mskindness B. Ramirez has remained committed to her work in education and philanthropy throughout her life. She is a Professional Educator, Children’s Book Author, Cannabis Advocate, Devoted Wife & Mother… Not always in that order. She brought her pedagogical skills to the Cannabis space in 2015 via Club Kindness, her membership association designed to empower consumers through easy to digest Cannabis education. Mskindness enthusiastically leads the WEIC: Women of Color group. 

How I feel about WEIC 

“I love, love, love WEIC, for so many reasons. But mostly for the incredibly strong feminine energy I receive daily from the cohort, the easy to find help from my siStars in the space, and the constant inspiration I find via the communication pathways available in the organization. It’s all so good!” ~ Mskindness B. Ramirez, MA.Ed

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Latest Interviews

Jessi Cox

Tiffany Watkins

Founder & CEO of Vanguard Media.

She is Lady Canna… from compassionate care to the vanguard of change. She is someone to know and easy to love. Her passion is unrivaled, and the clarity with which she teaches is a joy to listen to.

Vanguard is a media platform and magazine that’s dedicated to Women in Cannabis.  We proudly showcase the efforts, innovation and creativity of all Women. Whether they are just getting started, or if they are veterans of the cannabis community, Vanguard is motivated to tell their stories.

Please check out the WEIC YouTube Playlist – Culture in Context for more great interviews.

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Women of Color Monthly Clubhouse Mixer

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