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Posting Guidelines

We are an inclusive and supportive group of Women Working in the Cannabis industry. We encourage lively conversation, resource sharing, positive reinforcements, and a safe space to ask for the help you need.

Welcome to Women Employed in Cannabis

We are focused on content that empowers women in the industry

Access to Business Support/Education •  Financial Education and Access • Diversity/Inclusion • Regulatory Updates • International Connections • Supply Chain 

How To Get Your Posts Approved

To ensure that the content of the group is appealing and generates engagement, we are providing the following guidelines for posting. Please review these before you submit a post for approval.

I. Post Approval Guidelines

We encourage the following kinds of posts:

Introductions: tell us who you are, what you do in the industry and how we can be of help to you

Calls for community building

Advice on how to handle business or cannabis industry related issues

No cost opportunities for entrepreneurs

Policy and Regulation questions, changes, etc.

Events, Press & Business Wins shared monthly in threads on Admin specific posts

Posts that are submitted with the following will NOT be approved:

  • Missing a description
  • More than two hashtags
  • Only a link in the description
  • Spelling errors
  • Worded poorly (confusing to understand what is the post intention)
  • Images that are not the right size or missing
  • Anything slanderous, derogatory or negative about anyone.
  • MLM’s recruiting new members or advertising products for cannabis business
  • Brand advertisements
  • Real estate sales
  • Payment Processors
  • Product Sales/Promotions
  • Recruiting
  • Looking for investments, investors or funding
  • Looking for regulated sourcing materials
  • Anything that is NOT business related (health, lifestyle, and science)
  • Surveys, focus groups, polls, contests and research on our community (unless pre-approved by admin)
  • Looking for sponsorships
  • Events (unless pre-approved by admin)
  • Posts that are generic and posted in multiple groups/pages 
  • Posts that don’t explain why the information is important to you or to other members
  • Content that is medical, research, parenting or non-industry/business related
  • Recommendations on Professional Services (please use Business Directory to find member owned businesses) 
  • If you don’t see a reason your post was not approved chances are a very similar post was recently approved. Please use the search function on the homepage of the group to find prior post threads.

**If you would like to promote to or research the WEIC community please contact admin for options.**

II. Images

  • Images that accompany posts MUST be appropriate, in focus and appealing to women.
  • We don’t allow posts that feature cannabis flower or smoking cannabis.
  • Images with posts get more engagement! 

III. Zero Tolerance Policy

NO hateful, demeaning or discriminatory posts or comments. If you see this type of content please notify admin immediately so the offender can be dealt with. We must work together to protect the community from harm.

We do not tolerate attacking one another over disagreements, judging the choices of others or smearing people. We understand that sometimes we are wronged by others and have a desire to prevent others from the same fate. Unfortunately, we are not a court of law and are not capable of evaluating evidence so these conversations must be had elsewhere. Anything that resembles this kind of behavior will be removed. ***Please note: This group is run at the discretion of the admins and they are free to approve posts that fall outside of these guidelines if they choose.

If you’ve followed the above guidelines and still don’t see your post being approved it may be a conversation we’ve covered before. Please use the SEARCH function on the group page that allows you to use keywords to find previous posts. For instance, “payment processors” “female growers”.