Women Employed in Cannabis

WEIC is a global community of women working at all levels and positions in the Cannabis, Hemp, CBD and Psychedelics industries, across both plant touching and ancillary businesses.

The WEIC Community at Work

We are Executives, Entrepreneurs, Cultivators, Bud-Tenders, Manufacturers, Retailers, Scientists, Researchers, Medical Professionals, Activists, Politicians and more. In every every aspect of the industry you’ll find the incredible contributions of Women Working in Cannabis.

The organization provides value to women working in cannabis through:


A safe place for all women working in cannabis to participate, together, in the mission of creating a fair, just and equitable industry for women.


Providing women with the ability to build networks, share resources, provide support to one another, as they navigate the ever changing landscape of the cannabis industry.


Creating experiences, both on and offline, for women to connect, educate and empower one another.


Producing content that highlights the incredible accomplishments of women in cannabis.

 Become Part of the WEIC Community


Women Empowered in Cannabis hosts multiple Facebook Groups tailored to the needs of women in cannabis. Joining our FREE groups is a great first step to learning about the WEIC Communities and the women that work in the cannabis industry.  

We invite women to share their stories, ask for help, and take part in meaningful conversations about topics that impact our careers and livelihood working, as women, in a regulated industry.

These groups are drama-free, judgement-free zones, We don’t take sides and we don’t tolerate sabotaging other women’s successes. 

WEIC believes that unity among women makes us all stronger
and we strive to create an environment where politics is replaced by compassion and a commitment to our collective future. We recognize that we cannot create a future that is inclusive and diverse where women are thriving in their careers alone. We cannot get there if we are alone or divided. 

Join today and be part of a movement to change the landscape for ours and future generations of women. This is our moment, this is our cause. #bettertogether


New to cannabis?
Searching for your tribe or resources for your business or career?
Ready to take your career in cannabis to the next level?  Women working in cannabis, hemp, CBD and Psychedelics are welcome to join this growing sisterhood of women dedicated to advancing the industry and the women who are building itaround the world. 

The WEIC Woman Membership grants you access to women leaders and influencers, education and mentoring from industry experts and networking and yearly events that are tailored to address the issues facing women working in cannabis.

 If you are a Woman-Owned or Managed business there are benefits for you as well that include exposure to the community and advertising.


  • Does your business value the advancement of women working in cannabis?
  • Want to provide more support to your female employees and their careers in cannabis?
  • Interested in reaching our audience for hiring, promotion and sales?

    WEIC provides businesses with multiple ways to show your support:

    Solopreneur & Small Business Memberships
    Corporate Partnerships
    Sponsor Events & Community Leaders
    Advertising on our Websites


Women Empowered in Cannabis hosts multiple events throughout the year.  From local, in-person, meet ups to members only webinars and networking events. Our events provide the opportunity for women to expand their networks and learn from experts in the industry. Some of the great experiences we create for women in cannabis: 

WEIC Clubhouses – Public
WEIC Summits & Conferences – Public
Local Meet Ups (limited locations) – Public
Education & Mentoring – WEIC Women Members Only
Virtual Networking – WEIC Women Members Only

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