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Unlock Your Path to Funding Success with the Roadmap to Funding

Introducing the Roadmap to Funding: Your Guide to Fundraising Empowerment

The Roadmap to Funding will walk you through the essential steps you need to take to ensure you’re making intelligent, realistic, and lucrative decisions for the long-term success of your business. Few decisions are more critical to your success than who you take capital from to grow your business. The wrong decision can cost you money, time and even your company.

Facing the Funding Disparity: Let’s Rewrite the Numbers TogetherIn 2022, a mere 1.9% of all funding found its way into the hands of women-led startups, and the odds are even less favorable within the cannabis industry (and even less for women of color).

But we firmly believe that these statistics are not set in stone. It’s time to challenge the status quo, to amplify the voices of all women entrepreneurs, and to provide the resources that specifically address the unique challenges you face in the fundraising process.

Your Roadmap, Your Power: What Awaits You​

This roadmap is your toolkit, designed to:

1. Assess Business Viability

Determine whether your business is poised for capital raising. If not, we’ll guide you toward the steps needed to position it for success.

2. Explore Capital Options

Delve into the array of possibilities available to obtain the capital you require. Whether it’s debt, equity, mergers, or acquisitions, you’ll gain insights into the avenues that suit your goals.

3. Prepare to Shine

Learn what it takes to excel in meetings with potential investors or lenders. Equip yourself with the knowledge and confidence to tackle their questions head-on.

By engaging with these steps, you’ll emerge as a force to be reckoned with on your funding journey. The more you build your confidence, prepare thoroughly, and deliver impressive responses, the greater your chances of attracting the attention of capital sources and securing the resources you need to bring your business vision to fruition.

Laying Your Foundation for Success

Picture this roadmap as the bedrock of your success. It’s your chance to establish a solid foundation, ensuring that you’re organized and equipped to answer the pivotal questions that capture the interest of investors and lenders alike. Our ultimate objective is to empower you, transforming you into a savvy and poised entrepreneur who commands a profound understanding of her business.

Expert Advice from Successful Advisors

The team at The Panther Group has raised and deployed over $40 million in the cannabis industry. Our expertise is in helping cannabis entrepreneurs grow and scale their business through funding and strategic alliances. In this guidebook we’ve shared our insights and best advice on preparing to meet with investors. We believe that educating cannabis entrepreneurs before they approach an investor can improve the odds of success and keep more of the industry in the hands of the people who built it.

Download Your Roadmap to Funding Today

Are you ready to redefine the statistics, challenge the norms, and pave your own way to success? Download the Roadmap to Funding now and embark on your transformative journey. Let’s work together to shatter barriers, bridge gaps, and create a world where women-led businesses thrive.

The Panther Group (TPG) and Women Employed in Cannabis (WEIC) are your dedicated partners, standing by to support you at every step. Welcome to a future brimming with promise and potential. Your journey to funding success begins here.

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